Abe Grungold, as a retired federal employee, has a wealth of knowledge in FERS retirement and TSP financial planning.  After listening to his podcasts and reading his articles, we decided to seek his retirement and financial advice.  We had previously consulted with other financial advisors who were primarily interested in selling us something whereas Abe’s financial advice was truly honest and independent. He understood and addressed our questions and concerns about retirement and investments.  After implementing Abe’s advice we were able to increase our income and look forward to the continued TSP growth for our near term retirement.  We highly recommend Abe’s consultation services! He is professional, savvy, trustworthy, and enjoys helping people with their retirement and investments.

We chose Mr. Grungold based on his writings and interviews. It was a wise choice. Our session was 90 minutes of very productive engagement followed by emails and his analysis. His communication gave us greater confidence in our future. We have embraced his suggestions and continue to go back and forth to tweak the ‘final’ numbers and our approach. Convivial personalty and strong analytics. Highly recommended.

E.B., Active Federal Employee, July 17, 2023

Abraham Grungold – Being a federal employee and previously consulting with other financial planners, I greatly appreciated the knowledge and perspective Abe was able to share having been a federal employee himself. He provided not only information that could benefit me in my retirement but for the present. I am so glad I had the opportunity to listen to his presentation, ask questions and more questions, obtain a document forecast and plan/instruction – action items. Everything gained was helpful in moving forward and making me feel more at ease with my future and retirement. Thanks a million Abe!

D.D.R., NAVFAC Employee, June 27, 2023

I happened to hear about Mr. Grungold in an email from my agency. The article was – Wanna be a TSP trillionare? Ask one! That caught my eyes because I’ve been working hard to prepare on the downside of my career. How I wish I would have heard of Mr. Grungold earlier! I’ve used a couple of his services and all I can say is that he’s very knowledgeable. It’s extremely helpful to see (via a spreadsheet) how your retirement goals are achievable. He’s such a wealth of knowledge. He also makes himself available for any follow-on questions that you may have after you have your session with him. I’m extremely happy that I reached out to him and would definitely recommend his services! 

S.R. Active Federal Employee, May 10, 2023

Abe was very informative and helped calm my nerves about the TSP and my other investments. With his help, I have a personalized roadmap to capitalize on the 20 earning years that I have left so that I can retire confidently when that time comes. Thanks so much!

Norma Morales & Ofelia Lanuza, IRA Investors, February 23, 2023

My mother and I were absolutely blown away by Abraham’s knowledge and passion to help others achieve their financial goals. My mother and I had very little knowledge about how to invest and were afraid the process would be too complicated. He took away all those fears once he sat down with us and took the time to clearly explain the entire process and provided different examples on how our investments would grow over time. We are truly grateful for Abraham’s expertise!

M.S., U.S. Department of Justice, January 28, 2023

Abe is a great retirement advisor who I was referred to by one of my best friends via her mentor. Abe is  responsive, patient and personable. He provides the facts; no chaser! We conversed as if we’ve known each other for years. I had a pleasant experience and definitely someone I will continue to refer.

SW, Active Federal Employee, LinkedIn, January 23, 2023

Federal Executive employee – Abe’s service was spot on. His knowledge and experience with FERS and the Thrift savings Plan is extensive. He provided me with excellent advice and considerations for retirement planning.

J.C., Department of Defense, November 18, 2022

I came across Mr. Grungold while researching multiple sources and platforms seeking to improve my TSP knowledge and strategy, as well as set myself up for financial retirement success. Mr. Grungold proved to be passionate and very knowledgeable on TSP and retirement planning, most importantly, unlike many other competitors, Mr. Grungold does not up sale anything, charge reoccurring fees, and his personal portfolio attests his strategy. His spreadsheet is intuitive and easy to digest. He is very generous with time and ensures all your questions are answered, even offering to answer additional questions after your session. Highly recommend Mr. Grungold.

C.F., Federal Employee, November 5, 2022

Abraham was recommended to me by a friend, and I am very glad that I took her advice. I feel so much more confident and relaxed about my retirement now. Abraham provided advice for now that I could use immediately, and set me up with the tools and knowledge to adapt to changes in the future. He was a pleasure to work with. He took the time to listen, and advised me based on my unique situation. Thank you, Abraham!

F.D., Federal Employee, September 24, 2022

I am approaching my retirement window and was seeking a genuine source for guidance through the federal retirement system. I think I found that source.  My initial consultations with Abraham were pleasant experiences.  I found Abraham to be sincere, straight forward, and I experienced no pressure.  He was willing to answer all questions.  As a result, I will continue to avail myself to Abraham so that I can feel comfortable on my road to retirement in the next several years. I would recommend Abraham to any federal employee looking to retire from federal service regardless of their time horizon.  Thanks for your assistance Abe.

L.S., DoD Civilian Overseas, September 22, 2022

After reading Abraham’s several articles and profile, I contacted him for his consultation. I wish I had met him earlier in my federal career as he is extremely knowledgeable in federal retirement, TSP, and other financial investments. With his guidance, wealth of information, and his spreadsheet, I feel confident and ready for retirement at the end of this year. He is an easy-going pleasant person who listens patiently and answers all the questions on retirement and financial concerns. I highly recommend signing up for his consultation as early as you can in your career. Thank you very much, Abraham! You are the best!

RH Weichbrod, Retired Federal Employee, September 10, 2022

My consultation session with Mr. Grungold was truly outstanding in all respects! The knowledge and wisdom that Abe shared with me will be of great benefit to me, as I move into my retirement years. Without any hesitation what so ever, I highly recommend his financial advice. You won’t be disappointed.

Vanessa Morgan, US Department of Justice, September 2, 2022

It was indeed a pleasure working with Abe. After being a federal employee for many years, I learned more about my retirement status with Abe than I ever learned from the government. The information he has provided me showed me where I’m currently at and also gave me plenty of insight into where I can go from this point. The spreadsheet has been a great tool as my income increases I can just plug in the numbers and receive the updated information. I have shared Abe’s information with several of my coworkers and I hope that reached out to him as well. Would highly recommend you give him a call. Invest in yourself.

C.P., US Dept of Veterans Administration, August 22, 2022

If you are a federal employee at the beginning, middle, or near retirement, I highly recommend you contact Abe Grungold to assist you with your financial goals,  to better understand FERS retirement, and to obtain suggestions on how to maximize your TSP and other financial holdings.  I was considering retirement in 2022, and wanted advice from a financial advisor but was reluctant to meet with someone who would want me to transfer my TSP funds to their company.  I enjoyed reading several articles that Abe had written and was impressed that he wasn’t selling anything nor received commission.  Based on his federal and financial experience, I knew Abe would be the perfect advisor for me and I contacted him   I learned a great deal during my FERS retirement and TSP sessions and found the spreadsheet of my future earnings very useful.   Abe is very knowledgeable, sincere, and answered all my questions.  Three months after my sessions with Abe, I am loving retirement and looking forward to exceeding my future financial goals, thanks to Abe.

M.P., United States Postal Service, August 21, 2022

A colleague referred Abe to my husband and me and we could not be happier with his services. We have a unique situation, and Abe took it all into consideration to advise us on what retirement would look like and the many things to consider before we make a decision on when I should retire. We have already implemented much of his advice and feel very good about our personal finances and future outlook. Abe is knowledgeable, personable, and honest…three characteristics that we appreciate in a financial advisor. I highly recommend Abe’s services if you are a Federal Government employee and need to better understand the ins and outs of Federal retirement!

J.B., Federal Employee, August 3, 2022

I reached out to Abe after reading one of his articles published on the Federal News Network. It was clear that Abe has valuable expertise and experience in understanding the many variations of the federal employee’s retirement “three-legged stool.” During my consultation with Abe we discussed FERS, social security and of course, the TSP.  Abe’s insights into each of these programs is tremendously valuable and helped me understand that I am in a good financial position to retire.  I look forward to continuing to work with Abe and highly recommend him to anyone who works in the federal government interested in learning more about retirement planning. Thank you Abe!

Jan Burch, Retired Federal Employee, July 8, 2022

I had a consult with Abe for my TSP funds. This was a great consult because he went over a lot of extra stuff and had some great investing advice. He also makes himself available after the consult for questions. 

M.E., 36-year Federal Employee, U.S. Department of Agriculture, June 24, 2022

“My husband and I just finished our second meeting with Abe to go over how to grow my TSP, when I can afford to retire, etc.  Abe’s spreadsheet gave us all the information we needed to know on how to move forward.  He is so friendly and professional and just a joy to work with.  I highly recommend Abe to any Fed needing advice.”

Richard Jackson, Retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer, June 12, 2022

I contacted Abe after my TSP fell approximately $70,000 dollars.  Abe showed concern regarding my anxiety and offered advice regarding my financial portfolio, my wife’s IRA and additional financial guidance beyond my TSP and my wife’s IRA.  Abe is caring, knowledgeable, emphatic and professional.  He went out of his way to ensure I understood his guidance.  I trust Abe and I highly recommend him.

Eileen Vodak, Retired U.S. Probations Officer, June 2, 2022

I had a TSP consultation with Abraham as I am a retired federal employee and was looking for some guidance with my fund. He was very professional and reassuring that I had a good amount of money saved and gave me some recommendations for some changes to the funds I was invested in. He also provided a spreadsheet which outlines how my fund will increase each year. I appreciate all his help and I still receive emails and updates from him!

Kim N., U.S. General Services Administration, June 1, 2022

I contacted Abe to consult about my retirement options and to better understand my TSP. After my conversation with him, I was relieved and felt much more confident in my decision to retire this year if I wanted to. Abe walked me through all aspects of my TSP. Abe was also very patient with my questions and provided a spreadsheet to show me all my numbers so I can understand my future income. 

I highly recommend Abe for your TSP or retirement consultation! 

Courtney N., U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, May 31, 2022

As a mid-career federal employee, I had questions about whether my retirement savings and planning was on the right track.  Abe was able to show through projections how I will be able to achieve my goal, and he has given me a renewed sense of purpose and resolve towards work and eventual retirement.

Michele Brown, Retired Federal Employee, April 25, 2022

Abe is thorough in his approach to his clients. As a retired fed, he understands the fluctuations of the market & gives his advice from his “thrice-TSP-millionaire” viewpoint! His investigative nature in questioning one’s personal situation was welcomed as was the applicable spreadsheet for the future. He is pleasant reasonable & relatable!!! 

David P., 30 plus year Federal Employee, April 24, 2022

Abe took a lot of time with us and helped guide my wife and I through the essential aspects of retirement for a Fed – FERS, Thrift Savings Plan, and Social Security. He gave us sage advice for the next stage of our life by creating a customized plan that fits us – and the financial goals we want to achieve.

Ken W., 20 year Federal Employee and 20 year Retired Military, April 14, 2022

Abe was well worth the money.   He provided good guidance and information that reaffirmed to me and especially to my wife that we were on the correct path for retirement.  I am in my last year before retiring and Abe provided additional insight and tidbits that will help me thrive in retirement.  His spreadsheet and the way he walked me and my wife through every facet of retirement was excellent.  I have mentioned to many co-workers that they need to work with Abe sooner than later before they get close to retiring. 

Eileen V., Federal Employee, Wisconsin, April 13, 2022

I connected with Abe on LinkedIn and reached out for a TSP consultation to make sure I was handling my money correctly following my retirement.   He provided me with a spreadsheet, podcasts, and other information. Most importantly, he was easy to talk to and was very reassuring that I was indeed on the right track with my TSP!—

Keith W., Federal Employee, Frederick, MD, April 7, 2022

I came to Abe without a clue on when I could retire and he laid it all out for me clearly and with a great deal of patience.  I enjoyed interacting with Abe during our Zoom calls – easy to talk to and he’ll answer any question you have.  The spreadsheet he provided me with my retirement goals is GOLD.  Thank you, Abe!  I highly recommend AG Financial Services.

Vanessa M, U.S. Department of Justice, March 23, 2022

I initially came across Abe’s page on LinkedIn.  I’m in the count down years to retirement and didn’t know enough about my benefits. I was hoping to find someone that was very familiar with federal retirement benefits to work with and Abe is definitely that person.  Our initial meeting was reassuring as many of us old timers may see our mistakes a bit later in our work history. Abe made sure I felt comfortable with where I am right now and that all was not loss.  

The spreadsheet he provides is something I can use for make adjustments as my income/contributions change.  I may not be where I want to be just yet, but I’m confident that I will get there and will be able to send Abe a message that I’m now a MILLIONAIRE!  If you’re looking for someone to help you review and outline your status, sign up with Abe you will not be disappointed. 

Ed Shields, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, March 22, 2022

Abe was well worth the money.   He provided good guidance and information that helped me plan for retirement.  I was over HR in my government career however Abe provided additional insight and tidbits that will help me thrive in retirement.  His spreadsheet and the way he walks you through every faucet of retirement is excellent.  Don’t retire without talking to him.

R.W., 19+ year FERS Federal Employee, March 14, 2022

I’m a FERS employee with 19 years in federal service thus far. During my federal tenure I’ve regularly followed some of the top federal news sites and blogs and the like. I recently came across a post that mentioned Abraham Grungold and a podcast about becoming a TSP Millionaire. As I’m on the latter half of the bell curve towards retirement I wanted to ensure I’m on track with my own expectations and future needs so I reached out to Abe for a consultation. I’m so glad I did! He did a deep dive into my current investing strategy and goals. In addition, he answered all the questions I had and cleared up some common misconceptions I had about TSP and retirement. After talking with Abe and seeing the numbers on the personalized spreadsheet he made for me I feel more confident than ever that I’m on the right track to a secure retirement! Very pleased with his services!

G.B., 35+ year FERS Federal Employee, March 4, 2022 

Abe is very knowledgeable about FERS and TSP investing. He analyzed my portfolio and provided great advice on the best time to retire and how to grow my TSP. He charges a very reasonable flat-fee. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting TSP investment strategies…it’s never too early to start planning.

Brooke McCampbell, Mid-career Federal Employee, March 1, 2022

Abe is a brilliant guy that knows how to keep it simple. It’s quite a unique opportunity to meet with an experienced FED for financial guidance tailored to my career path. He helped us develop strategies for our TSP, IRA, and daughter’s 529 plan. I walked away from our discussion feeling confident, empowered, and prepared. I’m looking forward to the day when I can email him and say that I too am a TSP millionaire. Thank you Abe for exceptional service! 

Delgo Dieu, U.S. Veterans Administration, February 23, 2022

The time we both spent for our first meeting on Sunday, Feb 20, 2022 was very informative and qualitative. Spreadsheet is great and instructive.

Jill K., Federal Employee (34+ years), February 22, 2022

I contacted Abe after reaching that magical retirement eligibility date. Abe’s thorough approach to retirement, including the detailed spreadsheet that he provided, validated that I was, in fact, in a good financial position to retire. Abe also provided suggestions/strategies for future investing. He answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns about retirement. Regardless if you are a new federal employee, mid-career or eligible to retire, I would not hesitate to contact Abe and use his valuable experience to help you make sure that you are in the best position possible to attain your future goals. I look forward to continuing to work  with Abe and am so thankful for his help and expertise. Thank you Abe!

Jay B., Federal Employee, February 5, 2022

I am planning on retiring in 6 years and wanted a review of my financials.  Abe was very helpful and made some suggestions to my portfolio.  His spreadsheet is very thorough and easy to understand.  In addition, I can update the spreadsheet each year to ensure I am still meeting my retirement goals. Thanks Abe.

Dr. Alphonso Simmons, U.S. Dept of Health and Human Srvcs, February 4, 2022

Abe was absolutely amazing and helped me understand my retirement future. I have never been so excited to retire until actually seeing what my financial future should hold if I stay the course. Having Abe provide me with this plan has been invaluable to my goals. All federal employees need this service to plan for their retirement early on in their career as possible.”

Tom K., U.S. Federal Courts, Federal Employee, February 3, 2022

Abe,   I wanted to thank you for helping me better understand my financial picture in my upcoming retirement. You answered all of my questions and the spreadsheet you prepared was especially helpful in laying out all the figures. Like anyone I have concerns–financial and otherwise—heading into retirement, but after consulting with you, those concerns have lessened. I look forward to seeking your advice and counsel in the future. Thank you! 

Jill S. ,Thirty-Three Years of Federal Service, Federal Employee, February 2, 2022

“Abe did an outstanding job laying out my retirement options. His spreadsheet was easy to understand, and transformed what once seemed overwhelming to me into financial data I could wrap my head around. I came away feeling empowered to make better informed choices about life post-retirement. He’s respectful, accommodating, an effective communicator, and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend! 

Curtis Glover, U.S. GSA, LinkedIn, January 19, 2022

I found out about Abe on Federal News Network. I needed a financial advisor to let me know if I had enough assets within the TSP and my other investments to last me at least until the age of 90. Abe offered a flat-fee service to review everything from the TSP to Social Security, and everything in between. He knows his stuff and he offered great solutions to my questions and goals as I prepare for retirement. You will not find anyone better to review your financial situation as a Federal Government employee. I feel blessed to have met Abe, and I look forward to working with him in the future.

John R. Balis, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, January 14, 2022

Abe did a great job and fully explained his supplied spreadsheet. His sincerity for your well-being financially was paramount in his mind and explanations. I will avail myself on his recommendations. 

Terry C. W., Federal Employee, January 9, 2022

I  have a very stressful job. I was seriously considering taking the VERA/VISP at the age of 54 instead of waiting until my minimum retirement age. I decided to consult with Abe to weigh the pros and cons after hearing his interview on the Federal News Network and reading some of his articles.  Abe created a comprehensive retirement spreadsheet that made everything perfectly clear.  We discussed the pros and cons of retiring at my MRA, 62 or 67.  He showed me that if I decided to change my TSP allocations and contributions that I could aim higher than just retiring as a TSP millionaire but I would become a TSP multimillionaire a few years after my MRA!  Abe provided strategies for my non TSP investments as well and included them in the spreadsheet.  I have some viable retirement options. Now I can make an informed decision about my retirement and tweak the spreadsheet seeing the impacts along the way. Thanks Abe! 

Amelia Tarazon, United States Postal Service, Facebook, January 5, 2022

Abe is very knowledgeable and really wants to help you have a better retirement. He has nothing to gain by advising you but you have everything to learn by listening. I plan to stay in touch and seek advice with future investments. Whatever your income is he will help you and explain until you fully understand. I truly felt comfortable with him and feel that he only wants the most for my retirement.

Clara G. U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, January 4, 2022

Of particular help was that Abe provided a spreadsheet (that I can adapt and update as needed) to show my retirement income and options. Also, he opened my eyes to the possibility of becoming a federal annuitant.  Last, I especially valued his suggestions about how I conservatively could invest my required minimum distributions (RMDs).

Kevin O’Keefe, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, December 30, 2021

Abe was very helpful in calculating my benefits. He will go over the spreadsheet he sends and explains in it in great detail. He will also give you some tips on how to increase your benefits. Even if you have questions after your meeting you can call Abe and he will patiently go over it again with you. Thank you Abe you were a great help. 

Matthew Palmer, U.S. Veterans Administration, LinkedIn, December 21, 2021

Abe is a consummate professional and personable guy! Very knowledgeable as it relates to all things FERS and how is federal employees can begin planning for a sustainable future through thoughtful financial planning! My consultation was a great initial investment to begin planning for my future within federal service! I think those like myself who need guidance on the TSP and other related questions could benefit from booking a consultation with him! Particularly if you’re a young person like myself that could use a strategic plan and more so for any federal LEO seeking a plan to becoming a millionaire or multi millionaire, hopefully, by the mandatory retirement for the FERS LEO 6(c) covered positions! I plan on bothering him for years to come, I suggest new employees or even veteran employees needing some guidance, to book their first consultation. Start Early, Win Early!

Rachel H., The Boca Raton Luxury Resort Hotel & Beach Club, October 13, 2021

AG Financial Services is the best!! Abe always gives me superb advice with any financial questions or concerns I have! I highly recommend!

Nick Jaszewski, United States Postal Service, October 1, 2021

“I found it very easy to work with Abe. His style is easygoing yet to the point. I trust his guidance and expertise in planning for my retirement. I definitely recommend his services!”

Lani Shaw, Office of the Comptroller, LinkedIn, September 24, 2021

“Working with Abe was great. He is very thorough and knowledgeable about the TSP and federal service retirement. Abe was also patient and answered each of my questions. If you are thinking about working with Abe, just do it. You won’t regret it!”

Angela Mastandrea-Miller, U.S. Department of Justice, LinkedIn, Sept 23, 2021

“I highly recommend Abraham Grungold to anyone who works in the federal government and may be wondering if their investment strategy and retirement goals are on track to meet their expectations or if modifications or tweaks to their current investment strategy ought to be considered. Abe’s advice is sound, his expertise and breadth of knowledge is astounding, his recommendations are aligned to your risk tolerance (or lack thereof) and he cares.”

Rosemary Spezzano, U.S. Customs & Border Patrol, LinkedIn, Sept 23, 2021

“Abe was very thorough and took the time to explain my retirement and options. I feel better knowing the complete picture instead of what I initially was told. Thank you , Abe, for your honesty and assistance. I will be recommending you to others considering retirement.”

Mag L. C.  FERS Federal Employee, September 17, 2021

“At Abe’s financial review and update I listened and heard hope in simple terms. First, it didn’t have to take as long as I thought and secondly, there were adjustments for the time that I missed out on. That was a game changer. I made the well counseled adjustments and I already see the increase. I am so glad for me and my family.”

J. E., Federal Employee, NASA, September 14, 2021

“Who better to get advice from, than a man who has already achieved success.  So impressed with his financial knowledge. The flat rate was more than reasonable for what I got out of our session.  For me, it was money well spent!” 

B. Rao, U.S. Department of the Treasury, September 14, 2021

“Abe is well versed in stock and TSP investments and he shares knowledge without reservation. Our recent advisory session was interactive and informative. I was given a list of 10 recommended stocks in various sectors and some useful tools for stock analysis. After our session, Abe answered my follow up questions and provided me a summary of discussed topics. I appreciated Abe’s professionalism and candid advice.”

B. S., U. S. Postal Service, Office of Inspector General, September 13, 2021

“I sought out Abe’s services after getting strong recommendations from fellow federal employees. I couldn’t be happier that we met. Abe evaluated my TSP and put together terrific spreadsheets that let me know where I am and where I will be by the end of my career. He was clear and concise and gave me good food for thought.  I definitely recommend his services.” 

Matt Horn, Family Law Paralegal, Google Review, August 15, 2021

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“Abe is extremely knowledgeable in the field of financial services. His passion and true communication on the topic allows the average person to gain ultimate knowledge. Highly recommend the personalized plan he puts together while meeting with you. If anyone is in need of financial planning for retirement, Abe is your guy forever!!”

Kurt S., 30 Plus Years FERS Federal Employee, August 13, 2021

“As I reached my retirement after 30+ years with the federal government, my wife and I realized that we didn’t know a lot about how to approach our retirement finances.  We primarily needed a better understanding of our Thrift Savings Plan account — whether to stay with the TSP after retirement and, if so, how to manage that money so that it lasts.  I had heard about Abe Grungold from the Federal News Network daily emails and set up a consultation with him.  We’re very pleased.  Mr. Grungold provided an overview of how the TSP works, gave us a projection of our TSP account’s future balances, and made some very sensible recommendations about adjustments to our account that would benefit us for years to come.  He also answered all of our many questions during the consultation and sent us very helpful follow-up information.  Abe is very knowledgeable about the TSP and about retirement finances generally, and he has a friendly manner that welcomes discussion.  His expertise was provided for a reasonable flat fee, and he wasn’t trying to sell us anything.  We wouldn’t hesitate to consult Abe again, should the need arise.” 

Mandee Hahamoff, Real Estate Title Company, South Florida, August 10, 2021

“Abe helped me in creating and planning my IRA and investment choices and was absolutely the best!! He took the time to explain everything to me and gov over all of my options! I would highly recommend his services to anyone.”

Renee Balancier, Legal Technician, US DOJ, LinkedIn, August 9, 2021

“When you’re planning for your retirement and your personal finances include Abraham Grungold in your financial plans. Abe provides useful and invaluable information that will help you make important decisions concerning your retirement as well as your personal finances. He offers two coaching sessions that you will find very helpful. In addition, he provides a spreadsheet using your financial data that you can customize according to any changes in your future finances. Why not give Abraham Grungold a try? You will not be disappointed.”

John MacDonald,  RI Army National Guard,  LinkedIn, August 3, 2021

“I had the recent pleasure of working with Abe on my TSP strategies and I couldn’t be happier. Our zoom meeting was casual and relaxed, but extremely informative. No hard sells just an honest conversation about his experiences and philosophy. I came out of the meeting feeling very positive about my TSP plan for the next 10 years. Highly recommend Abe and I will likely return to seek out some of his additional FERS advice and investment strategies.”

Don Catanzarito,   USPS OIG,  LinkedIn, August 3, 2021

“I have known Abe for about 15 years as a colleague and recently reached out to Abe with some questions concerning my wife’s retirement. As a colleague Abe, has enjoyed a great reputation as a hard worker and valued team member!! Abe evaluated my wife’s retirement situation and provided valuable insight and options prior to retirement. Abe was quick to respond and spot on with his analysis. I would highly recommend Abe in consulting with your retirement options and analysis !!!”

Marshall Allen Sherry  Facebook/FERS Federal Employees,  July 22, 2021

“Abe was amazing and very informative. He brought me peace of mind early in my career and provided options and resources to help me reach the TSP millionaire mark. 10/10 recommend Abe for new and current federal employees.”

Stephen Monarque, NRC  LinkedIn, July 25, 2021

“My wife and I recently met with Abe to discuss our TSP accounts and federal retirement. After his review of our portfolios and listening to his advice, we feel confident and in control of our financial goals.”

Kim Lytle, FAA, LinkedIn,  June 28, 2021

“I used Mr. Grungold’s services for a TSP Consultation. He is extremely knowledgeable about the FERS retirement system and the TSP. He is very easy to talk to, a good listener and asked the right questions to help me determine my retirement readiness. His prices are very reasonable for the services he provides. I now have a greater understanding of the best approach for allocating my TSP after retirement. Highly recommend Mr. Grungold for a complete retirement analysis.”

Giao P, NOAA,  LinkedIn, April 23, 2021

“Mr. Grungold offers a “flat-fee” service and is in- depth knowledgeable on FERS and TSP. He streamlines complex information into an understanding manner. He is patient and more than willing to share everything he knows and answer questions specific to your personal situation. He layout the FER retirement analysis numbers and walkthrough with you so that you can start planning for your retirement. The analysis calculation integrates all the required information that allows you the flexibility to adjust according to your situation change in the future. He assisted me with the FER analysis, and I was pleased with the results and highly recommend Mr. Grungold to anyone that is planning to retire from the Federal Government.”

Deborah Lamberty, Pub Affairs Specialist, LinkedIn, April 12, 2021

“Abraham Grungold is a master of federal government retirement planning and investing in general. I was impressed with his ability to understand what investment goals were important to me and his ability to paint a clear picture of what my future will look like. His warm manner and genuine interest in achieving the best for me makes him a truly outstanding advisor and coach. I am absolutely delighted with his service!”

Allison Bettencourt, American Monuments Com, LinkedIn, March 22, 2021

“I learned of Abe through Federal News Network and the very helpful articles he had posted. I had left my TSP account basically unmanaged for far too long and was concerned I might not be able to course correct. The first thing Abe said when we connected was, “Forget the past. The past is past. Let’s focus on now and how we set you up for success moving forward.” Exactly what I needed to hear, followed by practical, immediate and long-term guidance on what I needed to do. Abe took the time to walk me through the process, understand the strategy and provide much needed milestones that I could track my progress against. Abe is very knowledgeable, is proof positive that he knows what he’s talking about and exceedingly patient, practical and positive when providing his financial advice. Highly recommend his services and the peace of mind he and it provides!!!”

Kim Allen-Joiner, Army, LinkedIn, February 23, 2021

“My consult with Abe was absolutely what I needed. I felt like I was a little behind with my TSP but Abe reassured me that I could get on track and be successful when I retire. His services are very personable and didn’t feel rushed. I would certainly recommend Abe to anyone needed that validation check before retiring. Thanks Abe!!”

Elyse Pearson Hill  Facebook/FERS Federal Employees, Aug 3, 2020

“Abe provided me great information and advice regarding TSP and IRA options and the federal Long Term Care program. I appreciate that he shares his financial planning knowledge and honest suggestions and opinions based on my circumstances without trying to sell products with it. I highly recommend Abe’s financial consultation and planning services.”

Karen Riess Davis Facebook/FERS Federal Employees, July 29, 2020

“Mr. Grungold offers a “flat-fee” service and is extremely knowledgeable in FERS, TSP, and SSA. He is also a 34-year federal employee. My hubs and I met with him twice via Zoom, and he gave us great recommendations and insights to when I should/can retire. He doesn’t sell anything or refer you to any sort of company – just his one-time fee. I searched locally and could find no one that would talk to me or even knows about all the intricacies of federal retirement. We were very pleased with our results, and I highly recommend him. (I get no perks for recommending him.”

Elyse Pearson Hill  Facebook/AG Financial Service, Aug 10, 2020

“Abe gave me great information regarding various investment options for stocks, mutual funds,and treasury bonds. He provides financial educational type sessions in which he explains in detail what these options are and the pros/cons. I especially like that fact that he’s not selling any products so his recommendations are not based on commissions but totally neutral, he just provides the facts needed to make prudent investment decisions. I highly recommend Abe for financial investment consulting services.”

GP  Google Review/AG Financial Services, April 2020

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“Mr. Grungold offers a “flat-fee” service and is in- depth knowledgeable on FERS and TSP. He streamlines complex information into an understanding manner. He is patient and more than willing to share everything he knows and answer questions specific to your personal situation. He layout the FER retirement analysis numbers and walkthrough with you so that you can start planning for your retirement. The analysis calculation integrates all the required information that allows you the flexibility to adjust according to your situation. He assisted me with the FER analysis, and I was pleased with the results and highly recommend Mr. Grungold to anyone that is planning to retire from the Federal Government.”

Elyse Hill  Google Review/AG Financial Services, August 2020

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“Abe assisted with setting up a brokerage account and selecting mutual funds and dividend stocks. He took his time in providing me thorough information regarding these various accounts, the pros/cons,the best recommendations for me based on my financial circumstances, and he answered all my questions. I especially like the fact that he’s not selling any products so his recommendations are based solely on his investment knowledge and experience and not for a commission. I highly recommend Abe for those seeking investment consultations.”

Michele Korver, Dept of Treasury, LinkedIn,  August 19, 2020

“Federal Retirement benefits can be difficult to decipher, and many of us just can’t or won’t carve out time to attend a three day course. I highly recommend Abe to efficiently lay out the numbers and answer questions specific to your personal situation. And, start thinking about this early!”

Cleve Arrington,  HUD,    LinkedIn, July 21, 2020

“I reached out to Abe to assist me in my preparation for retirement. Abe was a very systematic and practical approach to gathering needed information to compile, analyze, and formulate fact-based recommendations. Recommendations I found to be incredibly insightful and useful. Abe is not afraid to ask the tough questions in his courteous and respectful way. I am also appreciative that Abe took the additional time to address a few questions my wife posed. As you know, teamwork makes the dream work. I highly recommend Abe to anyone that is planning to retire from the Federal Government. This guy is top-shelf!”

Zack Brenners   Google Review/AG Financial Services, July 2020

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Edward Donaldson, FAA,  LinkedIn, March 3, 2020

“Abe is a true professional. His product was exceeded my expectations. Very concise and just what I needed. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good retirement estimate at a reasonable cost.”

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